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06 Nov. 2004
French section updated !. Click to visit.

12 Nov. 2003 :
Why the new site is delayed so much ?
Well, quite simply because I was satisfied with the new site design but not with the interactivity. A forum was not enough, I wanted a site with more dynamic contents, like a webzine, where the Net surfer can react everywhere. I learned PHP and I chose a free software SPIP to manage the articles and the comments. The other explanation is that I have not enough time and energy. But I am motivated more than ever so that this project goes to the end.
While waiting :
- I added 6 new comments from fans in the section "thoughts"
- to see a little thing from the version 3.0 of the site penetrate in Keyhole Club and enter a "booth". This section re-creates the environment of the peep-show scenes at the end of the film. The routine written in Javascipt was tested under Explorer but still includes some bugs not fixed under Netscape...

22 April 2003
4 new contributions added. I'm very busy and the new site is very late. Be patient!

09 Feb. 2003
Tom Farrell aka Screaming Man in Paris,Texas sent me the correct speech hor his part as recorded in the film. Read his message and three other user comments... My computer is now ok, the new version of the site is coming soon.

05 Jan 2003
Happy New Year all fans ! Sally Norvell aka Nurse Bibs in Paris,Texas contacted me : read her message and two other user contributions; Paris Texas Fan Site version 3.0 is delayed because of my computer crash, I had to install new motherboard and cards...

24 Nov 2002
Two new contributions; go to see the very beautiful photos from Texas taken by Neil Barclay;
2 new links; Paris Texas Fan Site version 3.0 is scheduled on January 2003, 1 !

06 Oct 2002
4 other comments about Paris,Texas and the info by Stan103 of the release of a new DVD zone 2 better than the previous one...

12 May 2002
Three new comments about Paris,Texas in the section Thoughts. The new site interface is coming soon.

24 March 2002
User comments page updated! Karla Keller from San Francisco tell us how Paris,Texas saved her life! Read the story! Thank you again Karla for your nice contribution...

13 Jan. 2002
Happy new year all fans ! Pages updated : news, user comments and DVD products.

03 Dec. 2001
Additions : a link to 2 very beautiful sites dedicated to Wim Wenders and Nastassja Kinski, an opinion, two products (CD collector and DVD zone 2 !!!)

26 Aug. 2001
News and opinions updated. Soon a new interface for the site and the addition of a forum. Patience...

11 April 2001
Site map added. Check this page to view the links still under construction.
Press reviews added and user comments online again.

20 March 2001
The ultimate english version of the site is online. Design and navigation improved. Many additions : film details (awards), technical details, cult dialogues, a promotional photo, 3 products among which a japanese poster, etc.
Please forgive my english mistakes and enjoy the site...

Last news
 24 Sep. 2002
 Another Paris,Texas DVD

The same belgian site user informed me the release of a new Paris,Texas zone 2 DVD better than the first one he bought. The new DVD is available on the websites Amazon or Anchorbay.

 04 Dec. 2001
 Another Paris,Texas DVD

A belgian site user bought another Paris,Tewas DVD released since the September 12, 2001 (for all zones !). See his message and the DVD cover in the section Thoughts/User comments.

 04 Dec. 2001
 French release of Paris,Texas DVD !!!

At last ! Paris,Texas DVD zone 2 released including an exclusive interview with Wim Wenders, the original trailer and the photos of the shooting... Buy it ! (See the DVD cover).

 03 October 2001
 Paris,Texas on Cinefaz

Paris,Texas will be shown this evening at 20.45pm on the french TV channel CINEFAZ.

 23 Sept. 2001
 Paris,Texas DVD zone 2 release on December 4

ARTE VIDEO schedules the DVD release of two films of Wim Wenders on next December,4 : Wings of Desire and Paris,Texas (see the cover) ! Many extras : original trailer, scenes commentaries and interview with the director and archives about the film crew.
(Source :

 04 Sept. 2001
 Leading parts for "In America"

Wim Wenders announced the male leading part of his next film "In America" in association with Sam Shepard. It will be Mark Everett aka E, the leader of the band rock "Eels" of which Wim Wenders shooted their last clip. Bob Dylan should be in the film too. Wim Wenders loves music ! And for the main actress maybe Robin Wright Penn ("Unbreakable").
(Source : Allociné.fr)

 26 Aug. 2001
 Paris,Texas revisited

- An exclusive footage of Wim Wenders revisiting Paris,Texas is available on the official site in the April news : watch the movie.
- Moreover Nastassja Kinski, Harry Dean Stanton and Hunter Carson will be reunited to shoot with Wim Wenders a scripted short about the characters 25 yars later ! These new scenes will be included on the special edition DVD : see the May news on the official site.
- At last, Donata Wenders interviewed Sam Shepard in his home about the collaboration with Wim Wenders on "Paris, Texas" and their next feature film project "In America" : watch the movie in the July news on the official site.
(Sources : Wim Wenders Official Site)

 01 June 2001
 Paris,Texas Fan Site visited

After that Wim Wenders visited and authorized this site (see his reply email), a link to "Paris,Texas Fan Site" is now available on the official site (see the sitemap) and Paris,Texas Fan Site is mentionned in the June news ! Thanks again Mr Wenders.

 09 March 2001
 A sense of place : Wim Wenders at Princeton University, USA

During a talk at Princeton University with for subject "A sense of place", Wim Wenders explained to the students his way to make films, from a place and its characters tell a story and not the opposite as the American cinema does. According to him, a story who is not rooted in specific places will produce bad films, without reality, without identity. Films produced for the entire world for which the story and the action prevail and the specificity of places and persons have been removed. Films with exchangeable images who breed a global culture, a sign of our loss of identity and soon of our imagination. On the contrary, Wim Wenders explains that all his films were inspired by places. For Paris, Texas it's the fascination of the mythical deserts of the American West. The Wim Wenders' logic for Paris, Texas was to shoot the film chronologically and that Sam Shepard goes with him on the shooting and writes the screenplay as they discovered places and actors. In reality, Sam Shepard was not able to be present but Wim Wenders described the places by phone and he wrote from these details.
That way Wim Wenders' logic was respected !
(The full speech in english : Wim Wenders Official Site)

 09 March 2001
 Paris, Texas onto DVD...

It seems that the shooting of "In America" Wim Wenders's next film is scheduled in spring, 2002. This year will be dedicated to the restoration of his ancient films onto DVD. The release of Paris, Texas DVD is scheduled this summer or at the end of the year 2001 ! The DVD will include interviews, audio comments and cut scenes. Recently Wim Wenders returned in Paris, Texas in search of additional takes and photos for the DVD. (Source : Wim Wenders Official Site)
A site user who bought the japanese DVD of Paris, Texas indicated me that the quality is good but not perfect. The problem is that the film has japanese subtitles which can't be removed. A little bit annoying, but according to him it is worth to have it onto DVD...

 07 Jan. 2001
 Road Movies online night

An online event organized by Road Movies will take place in Berlin on January 27, 2001. During this evening will be presented a new award intended to reward the young film-makers using the new technologies and Road Movies's new web site will be shown. The amount of the auction dedicated to Wim Wenders and his films and who takes place on are intended for this new award.
(Source : Wim Wenders Official site)

 07 Jan. 2001
 Wim Wenders is preparing DVD

Since December Wim Wenders is working on the special editions of his films on DVD. Some new takes of Nastassja Kinski and Harry Dean Stanton in the peepshow were found and will be included in the DVD !!! No release date given.
(Source : Wim Wenders Official Site)

 16 Oct. 2000
 Shooting of "In America"

In January, 2001 the shooting of "In America" the Wenders' new feature will begin. The film is a road-movie through the United States and will gather again Wim Wenders and Sam Shepard. We hope it will be as good as Paris, Texas ! (Source : Allociné.fr)

 01 Sep. 2000
 Paris, Texas is not playing any more

Since September, 2000, Paris, Texas is not played any more in french theaters. The ACCATONE theater in the 5-th district of Paris was a long time the last one to schedule it once a week.

 19 Aug. 2000
 Paris, Texas on DVD into a site from Argentina ?

For the moment no news about the possible release on DVD of Paris, Texas. But a site from Argentina seems to sell it in zone 2 since 1999. Certainly an imitation ? If you have more information, please, contact me !

 17 July 2000
 The Wim Wenders Official Site hast just opened !

Since June 21, 2000 the official site of Wim Wenders is open and it's great ! Go to visit the official page dedicated to Paris, Texas...
(Source : Allociné.fr)

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