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This photos gallery includes the main stages of the film.
  • Location scouting
    During the preparation of Paris, Texas in 1983, Wim Wenders travels for three months through the American West in search of the future places to shoot his film. These scouting photos were the object of an exhibition in the Pompidou Center in Paris in spring, 1986 and were included in the book "Written in the West".

  • Film shooting
    This section includes a few still photos and a few photos from the cast and the film crew between the takes.

  • Photos from the film
    Photos extracted from the film and sorted in a chronological way into the three initiatory encounters of its main character : Travis and Walt | Travis and Hunter | Travis and Jane.

  • Promotional photos
    Promotional photos of the film, winner of the Golden Palm in 1984, exposed in theaters.

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