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Nastassja Kinski
Short biography

Born in Berlin on the January 24, 1961. Daughter of the famous polish actor Klaus Kinski (The Wrath of God - 1972). She speaks several languages like german, italian, french and english. She studied in Roma, München and Caracas and attented the classes of Lee Strasberg in Actors' Studio. She begins her career with Wim Wenders in False Movement in 1974. Ten years later she is in Paris, Texas. Meanwhile she receives a Golden Globe for Tess by Roman Polanski in 1980, shoots among others La lune dans le caniveau with Jean-Jacques Beineix in 1983 and Maria's lovers in 1984.

Role in the film

She is Jane, the wife of Travis left for working in a peepshow of Houston. Young -much younger than Travis- and very beautiful, free, she got married too much early. Except for the projection of the super-8 movie at Walt's house, Jane appears onto screen only after 90 minutes ! But her performance in the peepshow scenes is unforgettable and theses scenes where Jane and Travis explain themselves through a mirror are now cult... She will feel better when she meets again Hunter, her son.
Extract from script

(85) "Hotel" booth - Interior day

[...] Travis is working himself up into a full-blown rage.

Travis : Yeah, but you can really see them if you want, can't you? I mean, you can go home with them, if you want to, all these places say that. How much extra money do you make? How much, huh?! How much money do you make on the side?!

This sudden outburst has shocked Jane. She tries to keep calm.

Jane : I'm sorry, sir, but i think maybe you wanted to talk to one of the other girls. I'll see if i can find one for you.

She stands up.

Travis : No, no! No,no! Please! Please don't go!

Jane stops behind the chair, and leans towards the mirror again. [...]

Harry Dean Stanton
Short biography

Born on the July 14, 1926 in Kentucky, USA. He appears for the first time in the Pasadena's "Playhouse". Considered as one of the best supporting roles of the American cinema, he shot with famous directors and in very different kinds. For example : Pat Garrett and Billy the kid (1973) by Peckinpah, The Godfather II (1974) by Coppola, Death Watch (1980) by Tavernier and for science fiction : Alien (1979) by Ridley Scott, New York 1997 (1981) and Christine (1983) by John Carpenter. With Paris, Texas he finds a leading part as high as his talent.

Role in the film

He is Travis, the main character, like Ulysse, lost physically and morally and who should restick the fragments of his life and to find his road and his family which he left. At the beginning it's a tramp without voice and memory, lost in the desert. The movie shows his tranformation, his reconstruction until the peepshow scenes where he confesses to Jane like a psycho-analysis. The end of the film is a new start for him.
Extract from script

(31) Freeway - Exterior late afternoon

Walt is still driving. The sun is already quite low.

Walt : So you think maybe you were conceived there?

Travis : Yeah.

Walt : You could be right, Travis.

Travis : Daddy always had a joke about it.

Walt : What was the joke?

Travis : He would introduce Momma as the girl he met in Paris. Then he'd wait, uh, before he said "Texas", 'til everybody thought he meant... He would wait until he said "Texas" 'til everyone thought, until they all thought he was talking about Paris, France. He always laughed real hard about it.

Aurore Clement
Short biography

Born on the October 12, 1945 in Soissons, France. After the death of her father, she carries on various trades like operator or secretary. Then she goes to Paris and becomes a model for magazines. She shots her first movie with Louis Malle in 1974 : Lacombe Lucien. She continues her carrer in Italy and in France notably with Les Rendez-vous d'Anna (1978) by Chantal Akerman and Les Fantomes du Chapelier (1982) by Claude Chabrol but she fails in the United States.

Role in the film

She is Anne, the sister-in-law of Travis who raised Hunter during his absence. The movie is shot in english and her part is the one of a french woman married with an american guy (Walt). So she had the appropriate accent ! Sweet and careful, she became attached to Hunter as if he was her own son. To suppose that she can't have a baby, we understand much better her sadness when Hunter leaves.
Extract from script

(40) In front of Walt's house -
Exterior day

[...] Travis : No, no then i don't want to either...

Hunter : I don't wanna walk, Mom.

Anne : No, Travis, i insist!

Hunter : Everybody...everybody'll see me!

Anne : Everybody...everybody'll see me!

Dean Stockwell
Short biography

Born on the March 5, 1935 near Hollywood. He shoots his first film at the age of 8 ! When he is 13 years old, he gets the leading part in the movie by Joseph Losey : The boy with green hair (1948). Ten years later he wins an award for best actor at Cannes in Compulsion by Richard Fleischer (1958). Same price for Long Day's journey into night by Sidney Lumet (1962). Since, we saw him in Dune (1983) by David Lynch and in tv serials.

Role in the film

He is Walt, the young brother of Travis. But, he seems self-confident. He's the american guy who succeed in his company of advertisement billboards. He lives in the Los Angeles rich suburbs.. It's him who helps Travis at the beginning of the film.
Extract from script

(11) Motel - Exterior day

[...] Walt goes over to the bed and sits down next to Travis. He compares his shoes with Travis' sandals.

Walt : What size shoes do you wear? Let's see. They're probably one size bigger, huh? So, where'd you find that beard? It's pretty snazzy. Okay, i'll zip into town and zip right back. I won't be gone long. [...]

Hunter Carson
Short biography

Born on the December 26, 1975 in Los Angelès. His mother is the actress Karen Black (Family Plot the Hitchcock's last film in 1976!) and his father is the scriptwriter L. M. Kit Carson who collaborated in the writing with Sam Shepard of the scenes of the peepshow. Paris, Texas is the Hunter Carson's first film. He shooted nothing more since 1988.

Role in the film

He is Hunter, the son of Travis and Jane. He's an eight-year-old little boy who was raised for 4 years by his uncle. He loves his "adoptive" parents but always knew that his "true" parents were somewhere and that they should meet themselves. As in all the Wenders' movies, the children have an important role. Without Hunter, Travis would not have gone to Houston to meet Jane.
Extract from script

(73) Highway - Exterior day

Hunter is sitting on the back of the pickup, talking to Travis in the front through their walkie-talkies.

Hunter : Dad, if a guy put a baby down, and travelled at the speed of light for an hour... if he travelled at the speed of light he would come back in an hour, he would be an hour older, but the little baby would be an old man.

Travis : Oh, yeah? And how long would it take him to go to Houston?

Hunter : Uh, if they were to travel... I'd say about three seconds. [...]

Other actors
Bernhard Wicki is...
Doctor Ulmer

"Well, down here, a man gets himself into a fix sometimes, and it costs a little to get him out... You understand what i mean."
Socorro Valdez is...

"To be a rich father, Senor Travis, you must always look to the sky, and never at the ground."
Tom Farrell is...
Screaming man

"Not one square foot of that will still be a safety zone."
John Lurie is...
Club manager

"Sir, you're in the wrong place. It's too early; all the girls are downstairs."
Sally Norvell is...
Nurse Bibs

"Why don't you just tell Nurse Bibs where the pain is, and maybe i can find the cure huh?"

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